When the pandemic hit in 2020, our lives drastically changed. The changes were even more influential for those who need assistance navigating daily life. Receiving the once available support became challenging.

This became clear when Bram, a visually impaired friend, told us that he likes to go out for walks in his neighborhood. Before, he could rely on assistance from others, but now he was limited to the walks he knew by heart.

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"Research tells us that mobility is the most significant barrier to doing the activities you love."

Unfortunately, it’s not just our friend Bram who struggles with this. According to the WHO, over 285 million people live with visual impairment worldwide.

We tried to figure out if technology can significantly impact the mobility of blind and low-vision people. To our surprise, there was not a single technological tool on the market that could safely guide Bram and others like him from point A to B. With AYES, it’s our mission to do just that.

Meet the team

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    Vincent Janssen


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    Michiel Janssen


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    Willem Van de Mierop