Our Mission

When visually impaired people go out, they are mostly limited to the routes they know by heart. When they do want to explore new places, they are bounded to the help of individuals or other solutions lacking the current technological advances.

Our core mission is to provide the visually impaired with a navigational assistance such that they can go out and explore new and familiar places all by themselves.

We leverage the latest smartphone that most visually impaired people already own and provide them with an application such that they can always count on their smartphone to guide them safely from A to B, help them cross a difficult intersection, and many more.
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Facts & Figures

Worldwide there are 276 million people who are visually impaired.
More so, every 5 seconds one person in the world goes blind.

Mobility is an enormous challenge for visually impaired people:


more likely to have a fall while walking.


more likely to be involved in a moter vehicle collision.


more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety disorders.


more likely to be unemployed.


of accidents while walking lead to medical consequences.

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Our mobile application delivers a live navigational assistant for blind and visually impaired people. This is done by leveraging cutting-edge AI algorithms and GPS to safely and independently guide the visually impaired user from A to B.

To achieve this solution, we break it down in a couple of tasks: navigation, sidewalk assist, crossing assist, and obstacle detections. All these different tasks are combined in one mobile application to have a seamless user experience and integration without the need of any cellular connectivity. All computations are done on the smartphone itself to ensure reliability.

Easy navigation

We will get you safely from A to B based on GPS.

Sidewalk Assist

We will keep you safe on the sidewalk.

Crossing Assist

We will guide you through safe crossing conditions.

Obstacle avoidance

We will provide feedback when an obstacle is on your path.