OKO helps you view the road through the lens of your smartphone. Your camera captures what's happening, and AI translates these images into information & sound. Think of OKO as a traffic assistant you carry in your pocket.

Here’s Kenny, early adopter of OKO, explaining how it works


Kenny aan het woord

The OKO app is a CO-CREATION effort

between blind and low-vision individuals and us.

We learned firsthand about the mobility issues they encounter daily and combined our expertise in Artificial Intelligence to offer solutions. Together with over 100 beta users, we ensure that OKO solves the right problems.

While our users tested the app’s functionality, the AI algorithm reviewed and learned from more than 100.000 scenarios. As a result, today, OKO can recognize pedestrian traffic lights confidently.

That’s a significant first step, but we don’t plan to stop there...

What's next for OKO

  • Blind and visually impaired people should have the ability to safely and independently explore new places. We will make our AI algorithm smarter and leverage GPS within the OKO app to achieve this goal.

  • Here's what you can expect from OKO in the future:

    Bus Recognition

    let OKO tell you which bus is approaching, and assist you on your route.

    Sidewalk Assist

    stay safe on the sidewalk

    Easy Navigation

    get safely from point A to B. (thanks to the power of GPS)

    Obstacle Avoidance

    don’t be surprised by obstacles on your path. OKO will inform you when something’s in your way.

  • Availability

Early Access

Already curious to try it out yourself, but on an Android device or in a country not on our supported list? Reach out to request early access and help us improve our algorithm.

Right now, OKO is only available on IOS. OKO is currently available in the following countries:

Belgium - Netherlands - Luxemburg - Germany

In addition, we're rolling out tests with OKO in these countries:

Japan - USA - Canada - Brazil - Monetenegro - Australia

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